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Bio Ionic is the leader in ion-powered haircare. It is a revolutionary, patented system that harnesses the power of natural negative ions to help recondition and retexturize hair.

Bio Ionic's salon-only, professional-use products contain Nanolonic™ Complex (a blend of natural-occurring minerals) that emits Natural Negative Ions in to the hair. Nanolonic™ Complex is powerful enough to break down clusters of water molecules into fine particles that penetrate the hair shaft, to re-hydrate, re-condition and restore moisture balance.

See and feel the difference! After using the Bio Ionic product system, hair feels smooth, super-soft and looks silky shiny.

Where to go:
WAS Hairdressing Salon Over 10 years of straightening experience! For more information go here.
WAS Hairdressing are well known for their foil highlighting techniques, using methods that Warren has developed from working at Vidal Sasson in London and Monroes in Toronto Canada.

Warren came up with this method using a backing card to create foils that are very close to the scalp and can be coloured inbetween without the foil highlights moving giving you the perfect balance of foils throughout your hair.

WAS hairdressing has many foil packages throughout the year giving customers the opportunity to have their hair foiled on a regular basis at a resonable cost.

So check out our special offers which run every month of the year.

Warren's staff are highly trained in this foiling method to garantee a fantastic result.
WAS Hairdressing is highly skilled in colouring using the alfaparf from Milano range which has over 300 colours in the range, the was team are experts in consultation and analyising which is the perfect colour for you.

Colouring is a complicated procedure assesing what colour the hair is before you start determining what colour is put on top of that to acheive the desired result the client wants.

The WAS team are also experts at colour correction working on the same principles of what the colour hair is now and what colour would we like it to be which the end result is as close as possible to the colour the client would like their hair to be, obviously if your hair is black it is hard to go blonde but we still have methods to lighten and improve any sort of colour that needs to be corrected.

WAS Hairdressing is well known for its skill in creative colouring using both foil highlighting and tinting techniques to acheive dynamic hair styles.
Style cutting is a large part of the was hairdressing philosophy as Warren was an educator for the industry in advanced cutting skills and travelled the world working with many well renowned world hair dressing phenomenoms.

Cutting is a personal and individual skill which through communication and consultation with a bit of fashion thrown in you can acheive tremendous results that leave your hair with structure, form and managabillity over the 6 week period.

The WAS team have a wide range of skilled cutters from around the world. A top style cut with a creative colour can leave your hair second to none.
The WAS team has a wide range of in salon treatments that can be preformed in the salon to enhance the quality of your hair and protect your colour service against fading from the sun and other elements.

With the inroduction of the alfa parf phylosopy we have a menu of ampule treatments at each of our work stations that you can choose from for every type of hair condition such as nourisher, illuminator, scalp therapy, reconstructor, protector, rejuvenator just to name a few of the essential ampule treatments that we use.
WAS Hairdressing is well known blow drying skills, we do alot of clients that enjoy a weekly blowwave to either give them body and lasting style or to just have their hair straightened and ironed flat.

During our blow waving service we use all bio ionic blowdryers, brushes and the new one pass irons which ensures your hair is full of body shine and hydration using this negative ion technology.

so when you have a blow dy at was, your not just having a blow dry your having the experience of the lastes technology in hair dressing.
Looking for more body, length or fancy colours?
Let the WAS team introduce you to hair extensions.

A new type of extension which is easy to apply and reusable, only the best Quality remi hair is used for these extensions.

Special Introductory Offer A full head of HAIR TALK EXTENSIONS for $990.00

22' $535.00
18" $450.00
to maintane we charge $160.00 to take out and wash dry and sew back in coloued to mach whith the best reme human hair